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My dog Vinny, a rescue from Tennessee, was adopted at one and a half years of age. He had clearly been neglected, and had also been attacked by another dog.  Shortly after settling into his new surroundings, he began to exhibit some problem behaviors.  Most concerning was his aggression towards other dogs which made walking him around the neighborhood difficult, and also prevented us from visiting the local dog park.  His aggression was so intense that he actually broke a window trying to get to a dog that was being walked by our house.  He also had some other behavioral issues such as trying to chase bikes, cars, and trucks, and pulling while on his leash.  He has always been very affectionate and great with people, but these aggressive behaviors were overshadowing that.

Vinny is my first dog, so I really had no idea how to deal with him.  After discussing his issues with my vet, she suggested I call a trainer.  After speaking with her on the phone, I didn’t think training would work. She told me that it’s very difficult to get rid of  “dog on dog” aggression, and wasn't sure she could help in that area.  However, for a very large fee, she would be happy to come out to my house for a “consultation”.  It was at that point that I decided to go in a different direction.  After speaking with my sister, she suggested that I call Terry Christie at Canine Magic, who had worked with her dog Max with great results.

After just one session working with Terry, I saw big changes in Vinny's behavior. Within just a few weeks, most of his problem behaviors were almost non-existent!  He quickly learned to come when called, sit. Wait, and to walk on a leash without pulling.  In addition, he’s learned not to try to chase trucks and bikes anymore, and the dog aggression is pretty much gone.  He is now more confident and independent than he ever was before we started training, and we are both much happier as a result. My family and friends have all noticed the positive changes. Now the only time he exhibits any dog aggression is when he is in a particularly stressful situation.  I am finally able to enjoy all of his good qualities rather than focusing on the negative behaviors.

I just want to say “thank you for everything you have done for us”. Vinny is a completely different dog now!

Mike Walsh 
Belmont, MA

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