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Going to Canine Magic and training with Terry was the best decision we could have made for our dog Sonny. He has always been a sweet, affectionate, fun dog, but we had very little control over him, especially outside. Walks were comprised of being pulled around the block by him, and that was frustrating.

We also had a couple of scary episodes when Sonny got out of the house and ran; not coming when we called him. We were scared he might get hit by a car, and it was clear that we had to do something. When we listened to Terry and all of her knowledge of dog behavior and the training method, we started a very important learning process. Terry was GREAT with Sonny, taking the time to get to know his individual personality. It was amazing how quickly we saw a change in Sonny's behavior.

After the first lesson, Sonny started to listen to us in the house: going to his place as needed and not sticking his nose into our plates when we ate. After the second lesson, leash walks with Sonny became effortless, and it actually began to be fun to walk with him! After the third lesson, we began practicing walking with Sonny off-leash. Today, he is completely off leash, even in busy areas of Brighton. The fear of him running into the street is gone. The best part is that we can now take him to parks to play with other dogs, something we thought we would never be able to do with him. He has a great deal more freedom now, and so do we.

We would recommend Canine Magic for all dogs and dog owners. We've even told our vet about Terry, because she was the one that strongly suggested a remote collar training method to us. On top of the great experience we have had, we also have the assurance of knowing that we can always come back for more training, and seek Terry's advice when something unexpected comes up. If you want to truly enjoy your dog, and do things side-by-side with him/her, this is a great method to reach that goal.

The most important thing is that our dog is a great deal happier now. He has more freedom and the assurance of knowing who his leaders are, and he is more relaxed than ever.

Maria and Gene Vasilevsky
Brighton, MA

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