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My wife and I have a two year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Bulls-eye.  We knew when we accepted the responsibility of owning a breed with a less than spectacular reputation, (he’s part of the “Bully Breed” family) that we would need to ensure he was well-trained and behaved at all times.  Now our story is similar to many other dog owners….

We immediately enrolled him in puppy school and then began obedience training; we were determined to raise a “Canine Good Citizen”.  We wanted a trained dog that would make other people jealous. So it began; clicker training…  Eight weeks of click, click, click, click, click, with twelve other spastic puppies.  To make a long story short, if I wasn’t constantly holding a treat in Bulls-eye’s face, he just wouldn’t listen. The trainer was ineffective and inattentive. If your dog didn’t show immediate progress, she just couldn’t be bothered. 

I basically chased him around the house and yard clicking and shouting out commands like an idiot.  Once in a while I would earn a quizzical stare from him.  To me, the clicker was useless.

A few months passed with zero progress, and I realized at that point that I needed to earn Bulls-eye’s respect and take control of the situation.  So I began my search for a new trainer and a new method. I sent out a few emails and left a few voice mails for trainers who all advertised they could “cure” my dog’s behavior problems; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, ANY BREED. Yeah right! The ones who actually responded were all singing a different tune when they learned what breed of dog he was.  I was also told on two occasions, “You would be better off finding someone who specializes with this breed”. Some trainers never responded at all.  Apparently it was any breed but mine. But then it FINALLY happened.  I came across Terry’s website… THANK GOD!

I sent her an email explaining my situation and what type of dog I have, and within a couple hours, I received a response to my email with the assurance that she could help. We later spoke on the phone, set up our first appointment, and then we were off and running… and I’ve never looked back!

Within the first half-hour of the very first session, there was an immediate change in Bulls-eye’s behavior. He was beginning to learn who the pack leader was; and it wasn’t him… He has always jumped on people and furniture, and his name was just a formality, because he would never come when called.  Now it is the complete opposite.

Recently I was working in my drive way when Bulls-eye managed to get out of the back yard.  As he was scampering around enjoying his new found freedom, all I had to do was belt out “come”, (once!) and he was glued to my side. This command is crucial, because I live on a busy street.  He also no longer jumps; which my guests really appreciate, and he walks on a leash like a pro. I no longer have to brace myself and prepare for two miles of wrestling like I did in the past.  But most importantly, he now waits for me to tell him what to do.  He doesn’t make any decisions for himself, I’m the leader!

Now I do have the dog that other people wish they had!  The comments I hear now are all very positive.  People now compliment me on what a sweet, well-behaved dog he is.  When I think back on Bulls-eye’s behavior before, compared to now, I am still amazed.  Terry’s program is incredible!  She will take you back from the brink of insanity, and eliminate all your frustration.  She is patient, knowledgeable, and her program is extremely effective.

Jim Tuohy
Bellingham, MA

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