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When we brought our male German Short-haired Pointer, Brady, home at 8 weeks,
our intentions were to have him be a well-trained dog. We began by using treats, and
then a clicker to no avail. As he grew bigger
and stronger, walking him was nearly impossible, especially for my wife. The only
way he could be controlled, even by me, was with a pinch collar.

In the house, if we turned our backs for just a moment, he was stealing food off the counter
or terrorizing the cats. As far as inviting guests into our home, that created a real problem. We had to choose our guests carefully, because
no matter who walked through the door, Brady would jump all over them.

Outdoors, we loved to let him run free in the woods, but our inability to control him around other dogs, combined with the fact that once he was distracted there was no calling him back, was beginning to make our outings a very nerve wracking experience.

Finally, one day, while letting him run through the woods, I was distracted for just a moment, and Brady was gone! Needless to say, after some very stressful moments, I found him. Quite coincidentally, Brady had ended up at the other end of a field where Canine Magic was in the midst of teaching an obedience class! This was quite a distance from where he first disappeared, and it was alarming to realize just how far he had traveled in such a short period of time. That evening, my wife and I decided that it was time we insured his safety, so I picked up the phone, and called Canine Magic. Terry came over the next day and did a demonstration, first with her dogs, then with Brady. When she returned for Brady’s first lesson, we saw immediate results as we began using his collar. At first, it was just a relief to get him to stop surfing the counter and chasing the cats, but now we’ve seen positive changes in him that we never ever expected!

Each week we see more and more improvement in his behavior, which is now more disciplined and enjoyable. We no longer worry about his running away from us, and now we can invite anyone into our home with the secure feeling that he won’t knock anyone over, or attempt to steal their food. We always loved Brady, but found it difficult to relax around him, because we were always anticipating his getting into trouble. Now we can love him and be relaxed and enjoy him at the same time. Each week he continues to improve, and his eagerness to please us is really showing through. He is doing things that I never thought would be possible. We are both very happy, and we can see that Brady is happier too. All of this would never have been possible if we didn’t run into Canine Magic.

John Tremblay
Billerica, MA

Sadly, John Tremblay passed away in January 2007. He will always be remembered for his warmth, humor, and love for his dogs.

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