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We adopted Titan from a “kill shelter” in Georgia. The first time we saw his picture was on-line; he was sitting with Santa Claus, and looked so cute and innocent… When we first brought him home, he was nothing short of a typical, very active puppy, and we assumed he would just grow out of what we thought was his “puppy behavior”.

For the first 6 months, we were convinced that he did not know his name.  We would call out “Titan”, and he wouldn’t even look our way.  He would also run away from us in our own backyard. Sometimes, he would run next door to “visit” with the neighbor’s dogs, and when I would try calling him back, he was too busy to pay any attention to me. Then I would have to trek over there in order to get him back. Taking him for a walk on a leash; now that was useless. It was more like he took me for a walk. 

The pulling and trying to run while I was holding his leash was so bad that I just said “forget about it”.  I finally stopped taking him with me on my daily walks.

One of my biggest concerns was that he would run up and down our hardwood stairs.  It was as if he had to beat you to the top, or the bottom. He seemed to be racing me every time, and he would always win.  The second time he knocked me down the stairs, was when I realized that we had to do something about it. My husband and I were becoming very stressed and frustrated with Titan’s behavior. We thought he was a lost cause, and that we would just have to live and deal with him “as is”.

I began to research dog trainers in the area, and came across Canine Magic. At first, I was not thrilled with the idea of training with a remote-collar.  But when I met Terry and saw her dogs, I realized how much she cares.  She and her dogs were amazing to me!  I didn’t know dogs could act like that!  At that first meeting when Terry said she could help us, I didn’t believe it at first.  But minutes later, standing in her driveway, Titan was on his leash pulling me every which way, jumping up and down and growling, again Terry said she could help.  At this point I said “okay, sign me up”. 

After the first few sessions, I noticed a difference in Titan. He was becoming a much mellower, relaxed dog, as he began to recognize where his place was with our home.  When I said the magic word “off”, he would stop no matter what he was doing.  Now its a few months later, and Titan is a completely changed dog!  Titan actually does know his name; maybe he was just fooling us all along? He now comes when called, stays in place, and quiets down when ever I tell him to. Now we can let him outside and not worry about him running off.  Just the other day, he ran over to say “hello” to the next door neighbor’s dogs, and I only had to say “Titan come”, just once, and without hesitation, he came running right to me.  I was just amazed!  Best of all, I say the magic word “wait” and he doesn’t move until I release him.  Finally, I can safely walk to the bottom of my hardwood stairs…

I know that Titan is a much happier dog now, because he knows what he should and should not do, and we are a much happier household all around.  Terry is a phenomenal trainer!  We couldn’t be any happier with the results. She certainly delivered!  She is great to work with, and from our first meeting, I always knew she cared about getting Titan to succeed with his training.    

Noelle and Tom McLain
Haverhill, MA

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