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Mia was 16-weeks old when I found her at a local rescue.  She and her sister had been taken to a shelter in Virginia after the abuse and the death of their litter mates. For the next several weeks, they were kept in isolation and therefore, had never been properly socialized.

The first day I saw her, she and her sister were hiding in the corner of their kennel.
 I spent hours at the shelter visiting with them; at first together, and then separated, just to see how they did alone. 

They seemed terrified of just about everything, and it nearly broke my heart. Based on my previous experiences with dogs, that inner voice told me to walk away because these pups had numerous issues.  However, my heart won out, and Mia came home with us to stay…

Initially, she had to be feed by hand in order to gain her trust.  When we’d bring her out into our fenced in yard, we’d have to keep her on a leash, because she’d be too frightened to come back in the house on her own.  She eventually adjusted to our family and home, but any new situations such as meeting new people, would immediately instill uncontrollable fear in Mia.  Taking her for a walk was torture.  She would pull on the leash, and cower in fear of any type of noise.  It wasn’t long before I realized that conventional obedience training was not going to work with Mia.

Then a friend recommended Canine Magic.  I contacted Terry, and as early as our very first meeting, I could see a difference in Mia.  As we progressed, the training quickly made going for walks more pleasurable, and she quickly learned her commands to sit, stay, etc.  I can now let her off leash during our walks at a local field with the assurance that she is always under my control.

Mia will always have her anxieties, but the training I received has helped me to manage these fears.  Terry explained to me that Mia’s personality would always be that of a dog who is cautious of new people and situations.  However, through the training I’ve received, I have been able to help Mia to work through these fears.  Mia has become a key member of our family, and continues to bring much joy and love to us all.

Many thanks to Terry for the lessons needed to bring out the best in Mia!

Joann Terrio
Burlington, MA

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