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After rescuing a 4 year-old dog, we discovered that he was much more aggressive and territorial than expected. Because of his snarling, growling and snapping, we could not get close enough to him to make an effective correction without endangering ourselves. We were very seriously considering returning him to the shelter. With Terry's training and the help of the e-collar, we were almost magically able to retrain him. Within the 1st hour of working with Terry, our dog had made a 100% change in behavior, which other behaviorist had advised us would take 6 months or more. He has quickly become a wonderful, gentle, affectionate and very well- behaved pet. With praise and a treat, he happily wears his e-collar daily, and we only use the collar on a very low setting to get his attention or remind him of correct behavior, and never as a punishment.

It is a wonderful tool, and allowed us to correct his behavior from a distance for things such as, going for a piece of food that fell on the floor, jumping on people as they enter the house, and thinking about jumping on the couch. Terry also helped train him to walk correctly and relaxed on a leash, sit, lay down, come when called, and other general obedience.

Sue Simon
Lexington, MA

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