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My wife and I have a 4 year-old Poodle/Schnauzer mix named Teddy. We have had him since he was a cute young puppy, but as he matured, he became very territorial and extremely dominant. He would become aggressive if anyone challenged him, and would not hesitate to bite to get his message across. We always dealt with the problem by avoiding him or bribing him by trading treats for better behavior. Needless to say, when friends and family were around, we were very stressed because we were always nervous that Teddy would bite someone, which had already happened one too many times in the past. We wanted to change this behavior, and attempted multiple training techniques, but Teddy's behavior remained the same. We even sought out a behaviorist, but again, nothing seemed to change.

We always considered Teddy "our baby", but we were now expecting our first child, and facing the dilemma of what to do with Teddy. We both wanted to keep him in our lives, but with the baby coming, his aggressive behavior could no longer be tolerated.

One day, while searching the web, I came across Canine Magic. We made an appointment to meet Terry, and she convinced us to give Teddy one last chance.

Since the first day she came to our house, the change in Teddy has been overwhelming. He immediately developed positive habits of entering his crate or going to "his place" at our command. These are two huge examples of where we are now in control over him, and the growling and biting are now a thing of the past.

Since the day our son came home from the hospital, Teddy has shown respect to us as well as the baby. He now happily follows our commands, and has become a pleasure to live with. We have since had numerous guests to our home visiting our baby, and everyone has commented on the positive changes they've seen in Teddy.

David & Christine Porcello
Beverly, MA

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