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We would love to share our experience with Canine Magic because it has made such a significant difference in our relationship with our Chocolate Lab, Shelby.

Before joining the program, we had gone to puppy school, read extensively on the subject of dog training, and even watched videos on training. We made sure to follow up our new found training with a significant amount of time, several times a day. With all the training, Shelby was the model dog following all commands without hesitation. The problem arose when there was anyone else around, whether two-legged or four, or any other type of minor distraction. At this point, Shelby seemed to forget everything she had been taught.

She jumped all over strangers, pulled the leash until our hands lost circulation, and most scary; she didn't come when called. We tried chokers, which she broke; Halti collars, which she ate through when we weren't watching; and prong collars, which just didn't do anything for our highly driven dog. We stopped taking her places and kept her in her crate when company was over. We were running out of the energy, and were overwhelmed by the stress in having to struggle for control over our dog, not to mention how embarrassed her terrible manners had made us. After pulling a relative to the ground on a walk, and a new baby on the way, we knew we had to do something. That's when we called Terry.

Terry taught us the right way to work with Shelby, and we saw results, no matter what distraction she faced.

In short, Canine Magic was the only thing in a long line of things tried, that worked for our lovable, driven Labrador. Since we began working with Terry, Shelby has been able to enjoy many more things involving other people and dogs, and we now are able to enjoy her. With the leash pulling gone, she is now great on walks with our baby girl. Also, we now have the confidence to know she will come when called, even when off-leash and distracted.

Training with Canine Magic is an effective and valuable way to train, because it involves real life situations. We still continue to train on a regular basis, as this only strengthens our bond with our well-behaved little pup; that is now an absolute pleasure! We couldn't be happier with our choice to call Terry, or more pleased with our experience working with Canine Magic.

Tom & Beth Poirier
Lowell, MA

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