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When my husband and I decided it was time to get a dog, we knew we wanted a Shiba Inu.
Having had one before I got married, I knew what I was in for. Shiba Inu’s are very intelligent, but also very head strong, and like to get their way.  Within the first couple of months, she began grabbing the hairdryer and vacuum cords, jumping up at me, and nipping at my feet, and this behavior was not going to be tolerated.

We were introduced to Terry when Maya was only 4 months old, and one of the first things Terry taught us was that her crate, toys and bowl belonged to her, and that everything else in the house was ours, period!  From that point forward, we never had a problem with chewing or destroying items in the house, and housebreaking was tackled in just a few short weeks. Terry taught me that I am the boss, and how to get that message across to Maya.

Another concern was the fact that Shiba Inu’s are incredibly fast, and are known for “door bolting”, so it’s always recommended that they are never to be let “off leash”.  I remember the first time at class when Terry told us to unleash her and let her run; my heart was racing. She took off like a shot to run with the other dogs, but when I yelled “come”, she ran right back just as fast. I was hooked, this training works!

 Maya is now a 3 year-old, happy, balanced dog who loves to please. She goes to cookouts, family gatherings, and has even been boating, and she always looks forward to Saturday classes where she can run and play with her friends.  (See photo of Maya playing hide-and-seek with her friend, Cobey)  There is no longer any jumping at the front door before her walks. Instead, she immediately goes to her mat and sits and waits for her leash. Upon returning, she goes back to her spot and waits to have her leash removed.  If placed in a down, I can leave the yard or room, and she will not get up until I return and release her.  We have recently completed the advanced class with Terry, where we learned many other new and exciting challenges. 

For anyone who has a dog, or is considering getting one, I highly recommend Terry Christie and Canine Magic, as I have personally seen her change the lives of many people.  She teaches you that training doesn’t stop at the end of the session, and that you must be consistent. There is no “he or she won’t” or “doesn’t want to”, there is no practice time or days off…it’s living it! You have to do the work.

Dogs live in the moment and look to us for leadership and praise.  You are the boss and Terry will show you how to have a happy dog and a happy home!

Michelle Passi
Wilmington MA

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