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We have a rescue dog, Sophie, who was very skittish and anxious due to past trauma. Sophie is our first dog, and we needed to learn how to establish ourselves as leaders.Terry’s training method is helping her become happier, less fearful, and more confident, by teaching us how to work with her.

We started with a family consultation so that we could all meet and discuss Sophie’s training. Terry’s method of training utilizes a remote-training collar, which gives a small stimulus to the dog to get their attention.  It does not hurt. Terry made us test it on our hands before we signed on, so we could experience it ourselves. We signed up for three small group sessions, but as it turned out, two ended up being private sessions, due to others having to reschedule.  After that, we began attending the larger, group sessions which meet on Saturday mornings, which are available to us for six months. These will help to solidify everything that we learn. It is also very helpful to be around other dogs, owners, and a multitude of distractions.

Terry is clear, always available for her clients, and is infinitely skilled in dog training.

Phyllis Neufeld
Lexington, MA

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