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Shaggy is a 4 year old rescue dog whom my daughter adopted when he was about 2 years-old, and it didn’t take  long to find out that he had some problems with aggression towards both people and other animals. He was especially aggressive toward anyone visiting my house to the extent that my grandchildren had become afraid to visit, and asked that he not be there when they came over.  I had tried several other training schools, and they helped somewhat with his general behavior, but not with the protective aggression at home.   I finally made the decision that I would make one more attempt at changing his behavior.  I had heard some good things about Canine Magic, so I thought I would give it a try.  I had also made the decision that if this failed I would have to put him down, which is a terrible decision to have to make if you love animals.

After the very first semi-private training session with Terry,  I could see a great improvement.  By the end of the third, I knew I had made the right decision  and that I would now have many more years to spend with Shaggy.  We both are grateful to Terry and Canine Magic,  and  continue to attend the group sessions on Saturday mornings.

I do not know who is more disappointed when we can’t make one, me or Shaggy…” 

Jim Molinari

Burlington, MA  
August 2011

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