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I was sitting at my computer one day as Lydia, our 22 month-old Basset Hound, was barking, jumping on me, and biting at my clothing and wrist, which had become a favorite game of hers.  As I saw yet another bruise forming, I decided that I had to do something, so I searched online and found Terry Christie and Canine Magic… She changed our lives…

We were constantly yelling at Lydia, as she rampaged through the house jumping on kitchen counters, stealing papers, and remote controls.  Biting us was also a big issue.  She basically was controlling the house; telling us what to do.  Part of our problem was that my husband and I were using different commands and always delivering them in an agitated state… as we later learned…a recipe for failure. 

When we first met with Terry, she explained that Lydia needed structure.

 A big part of our success was being given a series of clear, one-word commands which made it easy for Terry TO TRAIN US to be pack leaders, and the remote-collar allowed us to have immediate success.

The change in Lydia is nothing short of magical!  Our house is no longer filled with tension and yelling and the constant barking is gone. She’s no longer biting us, now waits at the door, comes when called, and walks properly on a leash.   She’s still her beautiful, playful self, but now she has some manners and is a pleasure to be around!  We can now take her places and enjoy her fully!  Lydia is happier too...because now she understands what we want her to do.
We would never have known this was possible without Terry.  We can never thank her enough.  I'm so grateful we found Canine Magic!!

Terry … I just came back from walking Lydia and, thanks to you, it was pleasurable for both of us.  A year ago I could not have imagined such a possibility.  We are constantly amazed by the joy we now have with Lydia.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Marilyn & Joe Mick
Natick, MA

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