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Terry was what I considered my last resort regarding my dog Morgan.

I had Morgan, a Shiloh Shepherd, for 8 months, from the age of 8 weeks, and she was a totally different dog than my previous one. Morgan had been through regular obedience training, but that didn't seem to work well with her. She wouldn't listen, wouldn't come when called, pulled on the leash and was a horrible barker. Living in the city, the barking did not bode well with neighbors. Due to the difficulty training Morgan, I either had to find something that worked, or the thought had arisen to possibly return Morgan to her breeder. On a very snowy Sunday in early 2006, I somehow stumbled onto Terry's website and decided that I couldn't let Morgan go without another shot at getting her trained.

I was very scared of the "shock" collar, but Terry was very efficient with explaining its effectiveness in training. The results were immediate, and I'm glad to say Morgan is still a member of our family! Morgan still has a lot of puppy energy as she is not yet 2 yrs. old. She still barks, but it's controllable and definitely not the problem that it was. She also obeys commands, and for the first time in my dog-owning life, I have a dog that I can walk off-leash! I never thought that would be something that I would be able to do with my dog, but because of the e-collar, I have that. I'm so grateful to Terry for helping in Morgan's development as I could not picture my life without her. Thanks Terry!!

Kathy McLaughlin
Everett, MA

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