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My husband always wanted to have our dog Roxy, a 2 year old Siberian husky, go for walks with him without having her pull at the leash, but the walks weren't fun for either of them. After a walk, my husband's arms, back, and chest felt like he'd bench pressed at the gym for an hour, and Roxy sure wasn't having fun. She wanted to run in one direction, but was being pulled by the neck in another.

We have a dog that loves to run. We used to say "if she gets out without a leash, she'll think she's in the Iditarod race, and she'll run in a straight line for a thousand miles!"

We've lost her so many times; we knew it was just a matter of time before she was gone forever. Then I read an article in our local paper about Terry Christie and Canine Magic, and decided to give my husband the training sessions as a birthday gift. We were a bit skeptical, but if everything we read about the training were true, then it would be the best birthday present ever!

Within a few weeks, Roxy started to understand that we wanted her to be able to run around and play outside without a leash, but to come back to us when we called her. Now she is an expert, and we are now the envy of all the dog owners we meet on our walks! Roxy runs, explores and plays, always under our watchful eyes. If another dog comes along, we just call her and she comes right back to us, then heels along side us until we let her go free again. What a pleasure it is to be able to walk at the speed we choose while watching Roxy exercise at her own pace.

We are very happy with the training we received with Terry. Everyone who says Siberian
huskies can never learn to walk off lead, has obviously never met Terry Christie!

Maria Maggio
Winchester, MA

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