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I have a two year-old Golden Retriever named Buddy, who is an absolute love, but 3 months ago his temptations and greeting manners were less than desirable. Buddy loves everyone, and every other dog he sees and believes they all love him too, so much that he would jump right up to give his famous "bear hugs" or would pull with his 90 pounds of force to get to whomever he believed wanted to play with him.

This behavior was beginning to become dangerous, especially if we were caught off guard when our 72 year-old babysitter entered our home, or when another dog wasn’t as happy to meet him. My husband and I were "strong enough" to "control" (ha! ha!) him, but we looked like complete idiots doing it! Not to mention it was impossible for our young daughters 7 and 9 (who absolutely love animals and want to participate in caring for them) to walk him.

This is all in the past! After 3 short weeks and Terry's devoted guidance, our beautiful boy was able to control himself. He understands what is expected of him, and it is clear he is a happier, more confident dog who is so proud of himself! Of course he is still an animal and can behave like one, but through Canine Magic, Buddy isn't the only one who has learned control. Our WHOLE family can comfortably take him out, and keep him focused (or if by chance he gets distracted, we can easily redirect his attention to us within seconds).

We have had countless comments on Buddy's behavior! We have a neighbor who absolutely hates ALL dogs, and is amazed by the change in Buddy. She no longer stiffens-up when she sees him, and better yet, has made the comment, "He behaves better than my children! How did you do that?!" We are a close family and our dog is part of our family, we take him everywhere. A day has not gone by when someone has not complimented us on Buddy and "what a good dog you have!". If any member of our family had a behavior issue, we would not ignore it, including our pet. Canine Magic is the answer to dog (and master) obedience.

We now have a Black Lab puppy, who at the age of 5 months, walks off-leash and understands our commands as her "1st Language". She/We will not have to go through all of the tugging and yelling that we had to experience with our first dog. I feel so fortunate to have this knowledge and ongoing training available to me and my dogs for as long as we need/want it.

Kristy LoCicero
Methuen, MA

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