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Our story began about a year and a half ago when we got our adorable little Golden Retriever puppy, Cooper.  It was so much fun having a little puppy and we all loved him.  Then it all began…

Whenever we got near him when he was eating or chewing a bone or a toy, he would start to growl, and if anyone attempted to take it away, he would try to bite.  We began to wonder… What happened to our great puppy?  As he got older, the snapping and growling just seemed to get worse.

We did the traditional puppy classes and were told to reward all good behavior with a click then a treat, and to ignore him if he did something bad.  Then it finally happened… One day, when a family member tried to take a bone away, he was bitten… and that was the last straw.  We immediately started looking on the web for another trainer, and when we came across Canine Magic, we decided to give Terry a call.

She was wonderful from day one on the phone, and gave us advice right away to keep us all safe.  When we met with her, and she was able to observe not only Cooper’s behavior, but ours as well as we all interacted with one another.  She pointed out that Cooper was having food/toy guarding issues because he viewed himself in the alpha spot, despite the fact that we thought we were.  It was then that we realized how far off the mark we really were…  But after our first lesson, we had a different dog.  She not only taught us so much about being dog owners, but also instructed us on how to use the remote collar correctly.  She has truly changed our lives.

Cooper is now a very happy dog who knows his place within our family, and he is always eager to please.  He no longer growls or snaps at us when he is eating, or playing with a favorite bone or toy.  The remote training collar is wonderful!  It makes all commands so much easier for the dog to understand, and Cooper learned much quicker than he did with the click and treat method.  Cooper and has learned many obedience commands, and can now be off leash around other dogs, and always comes when called.  Terry has proven to us that she can be an extremely valuable part of dog training.  She knows her stuff so well, and is always only a phone call away.  How many trainers will e-mail you just to see how things are going?  That says it all, and we can’t thank Terry enough for giving us the tools and directions that we needed to have a dog in our family.  

She has given us back our adorable Golden Retriever!

The Liaboe Family
Reading, MA

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