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Here is one of many photos of our happy, free running canine. We are currently in the Great Lakes area, on the shore of Lake MI, Chicago. In this photo, Sabrina is showing great restraint as she longingly observes one of several woodchucks. Her training results have been wonderful and life changing for us. Her drop lead is for regulation compliance only.  Now she is off lead 90% of the time, and loving every minute of it!  She has successfully physically ignored rabbits, woodchucks, and now even other dogs with only the “off” command.  We're short of squirrels, but anticipate that too, will be a continuation of obedience for her. We have been fortunate to be in coastal areas this summer with either friendly beaches and /or large grassy areas. As a result, we have done “stay” aka “place”,  and she's got it. It's a wonderful way for her to exercise running full board to either of us.

We're so glad to have spent time with you in Massachusetts.  All the best!

Vallerie Lee
Lakeland, FL  

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