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After three group classes and individual training with two behaviorists, I had just about given up on the idea of having a dog I could safely take off leash. While Japhy, my 85 lb Lab mix, was great with most basic commands, he was inconsistent in his recall, and would chase anything that moved. Even worse, he would randomly get into fights with other dogs. A behaviorist, who had observed Japhy at a doggie daycare believed it would be unlikely he'd ever socialize normally. I was very reluctant to consider an electronic collar, but as a last resort was willing to try anything.

Within just a few lessons, Japhy's recall was almost perfect, regardless of the situation. And even better, Terry taught me how to read Japhy's body language by describing what he was doing as he interacted with her own dogs. As soon as I knew what to look for, the seemingly random dog aggression was easy to predict, and, with a perfect recall, easy to avoid. Not only was I removing Japhy from any situation that might become aggressive, I was also teaching him what behaviors were unacceptable at the dog park. In the six months since I started working with Terry, I haven't had a single problem off-leash. Japhy runs off-leash every day, plays and socializes normally with other dogs, and is often the best-behaved dog in the park.

Brian Lebowitz, Ph.D.
Brookline, MA

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