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I remember the day that I found Terry…

Jake, our 7 year-old Pit Bull terrier and I would go for our usual walks; he would pull me along wherever he felt like going, and I would be dragged along just trying to keep up. During some of those “walks”, we’d had a number of unpleasant experiences with some of the other neighborhood dogs, so we had devised a certain route, where it was almost guaranteed we wouldn't meet any other dogs.

Then on one particular day, as we were heading back home, a stray cat crossed our path and Jake just went wild!  He ended up wiggling his way out of his collar and ran directly into the road in pursuit of the cat.  After what seemed like forever, I was able to catch him and bring him home.  I was so upset that I didn't know what to do. 

After this happened, I began to think about possibly driving somewhere for his daily walks; getting up very early, or walking him very late at night, just to avoid the other neighborhood dogs and cats.  We even considered placing him up for adoption.   That's when I found Terry!

I remember our first meeting, and her telling us to make a “wish list”, and to bring it along on our first appointment.  My boyfriend John and I laughed as we made the list thinking that what we were wishing for was pretty much impossible, nevertheless, we listed our wishes one by one.  To our amazement, after just two training sessions with Terry, we had already accomplished half of what was on our wish list.  A month or two later, we realized that we now had everything we had wished for and more!

We are so grateful to Terry for her patience, honesty, and ongoing support throughout our training experience.  Just recently, we had another wish come true... we got another dog which finally possible because Jake's behavior continues to be so great.   We thank Terry everyday for helping us to bring out the real Jake and to truly be able to enjoy him and his good behavior!

Thanks again Terry!

Jenn and John
East Boston, MA

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