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Happiness is back in my home!

I have a 2 year-old Doberman named Sadie. Sadie is a very sweet animal with what I call a very short term memory and very high energy. Some of Sadie's issues were running after cars, pulling on the leash, not listening to me, and jumping on my guests. I had tried traditional obedience training for 12 weeks, only to have the instructor tell me that I needed to put on a spiked training collar and then come back in a few months after she gets accustomed to it. As you can imagine, for me this was not an option. Then it was recommended to me that she should be Schutzhund trained.

After 11 lessons, both Sadie and I understood very limited German, and we were both very frustrated. Then one day, while speaking with a work colleague, he mentioned Terry Christie and Canine Magic.

I live 3 hours away, but I wanted to give Sadie the best possible chance to have a great life, as well as for myself and my other male Doberman to all live in a happy household; so I made the call to Terry, and then planned my trip. At this point in time, Sadie was in control… but within 5 minutes of working with Terry; Sadie was not only walking calmly by her side, but was giving Terry her full attention!

Terry not only had to train Sadie, but me as well! By the time I had gotten to Canine Magic, I had become very stressed and anxious, and I knew I was passing this on to Sadie. Terry took us both in hand, and now I have a beautiful Doberman who walks nicely on a leash, and comes when called. And now my guests are greeted by a happy Dobie, because I am in control.

I would recommend Terry and her training skills to anyone who is willing to spend the time with their dog. Terry is the conduit from frustration and stress, to a happy and healthy dog and home.

Terry, Thank you so much for what you have done for Sadie, me and Gunther (my 8 year old Dobie). We are all enjoying each other all the more.

Nancy Grabowski
Newtown, CT

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