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Canine Magic Client's Dog

We got Rufus, our intact male Labradoodle,
from a pet shop at five months of age. He had always been very fearful of new people and situations, and his behavior at home was out
of control. He was nearly impossible to walk on
a leash even when wearing a prong collar.

Recently, during our routine walks, he started exhibiting aggression towards people by
growling and bearing his teeth. This experience was very frightening to us. He is a very large dog, and my family and I were seriously thinking
about having to put him down. In desperation,
I called my vet, and he recommended that I
give Canine Magic a call.

When Terry first took Rufus outside and asked us to remove his pinch collar, we thought for sure she'd be flying down the street. Within minutes, he not only wasn't pulling anymore, but was calmly looking right at her while walking directly by her side! We couldn't believe what we were seeing! After only two sessions, Rufus continues to do beautifully!

I still can't believe the change in him. Walks are actually enjoyable now, and I don't have to worry when we pass other dogs or people. He just stays by my side and sits down immediately when I stop walking. You work wonders and you have saved his life! I just can't thank you enough. Rufus is now the dog we've always wanted.

Judy Glover
Arlington, MA

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