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Last January, my husband and I came to Terry with our two smooth-coated Collies that had become "one dog with two heads". They were two dogs reacting to everything together, no matter what the other thought of the situation. Our male had become increasingly reactive on the end of a leash, and before we started training with Terry, we had just finished a reactive dog training class where we hadn't made any progress. Food was used as a motivator, but our "reactive" dog isn't interested in food, so keeping his attention was a challenge. We were frustrated, but as a New Year's resolution, I was determined not to give up and to find a class that worked. That's when I contacted Terry. To be honest, remote-collar training was the last thing on my mind. However, in speaking with Terry via phone and then meeting her in person, I learned that this form of training could be very helpful for our dogs.

Canine Magic is located well over an hours drive from us, and it took a bit of coaxing to get the "other half" to join me and the dogs for yet, more training… but it was well worth the effort. We are now having an excellent summer with our dogs, who are enjoying more freedom than they've ever had, due to Terry's guidance and training. I can walk our reactive dog with confidence, and when I am confident, he reacts less. We now walk both dogs together and they are no longer "one dog with two heads"; instead, they are separate personalities looking to us for direction.

People now enjoy meeting our dogs which means a whole lot to them, because they adore people. Spending time at our cottage by the sea has been much more pleasant. Our dogs now romp on the beach keeping in tune with us, and do not head for the tall sea grass anymore to gather ticks. Off-leash time is lots of fun and we all look forward to it.

Thank you, Terry, for being patient with us and always answering our many questions!

Judith & Peter Gengler
Rehoboth, MA

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