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I just wanted to share a story from this weekend…

I took Baxter with me to the little league baseball field to pick up my Daughter, with the intention of working on his training in a different setting.  While I was waiting, two little girls about 6 or 7 years-old came over and asked if they could pet him.  I said sure, and put him in a down.  They sat there petting him and talking to me for about 20 minutes, and he never moved a muscle, and there were kids running close by and everything!  He just lay there and gave them occasional kisses on the hand…

That was so exciting for me, because previously I would have had to physically hold him down for the girls to pet him safely, and he would have been an overexcited basket case in the space of about 5 seconds. He stayed calm and never looked like he was going to break his "down", I am really happy about that!  Thanks so much for all your help.

P.S. - He's also fantastic in the woods. I was always nervous about letting him off the leash because I wasn't sure I could get him back, but now it's not even a concern!

Robin Ganesan
Holden, MA  

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