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Our Story began at the airport the day we picked up Madi, our tiny, Yorkie pup, and discovered that she had come from a puppy mill, which we didn’t know anything about at the time.  I guess we were just naive…  She may have only been 2 lbs, but we quickly realized that she already had a mind of her own.  She didn’t like to listen, and before long, separation anxiety had shown its ugly face…  She would cry any time she was left alone; even for only a minute.

She is now a 6-pound Yorkie with tons of spunk, and the love or our lives.  We couldn’t imagine life without her.  However, she has been a challenge…  We did try the routine pet store training, but didn’t find it helpful for what we were dealing with, and she was becoming unbearable. After searching on the internet, we found Canine Magic
From our first meeting, Terry fell in love with Madi.  Who could blame her?  She is the cutest fur baby ever!  Terry was very familiar with Yorkies, having had a number of her own in the past, and she knew what a challenge they could be.  Before long Terry had Madi fitted with her very own E-collar.  At first it looked  sooooo huge on her because she only weighed 4-5 lbs. at the time, but she did grow into it, and the training has been our lifesaver. 

Madi may be small, but she is a very strong willed dog, and this is the only training method that seemed to work for her.  At first my husband and I weren’t sure about the collar because of her size, and wondered if Madi was really a candidate for it, but we trusted Terry, and we are soooo pleased that we did!

We are now proud to report that Madi is a “Trained” fur baby! She walks great on the leash, and listens much better, although every now and then the Yorkie personality tries to take over.  We continue to work on the training, as it is an ongoing project.  I also should mention that Madi’s separation anxiety is at a very great low and she is also litter box trained thanks to Terry’s great advice.  We can’t thank her enough!

If there is anyone out there that isn’t sure if this method of training is safe and beneficial, you can call me anytime!  I never would have put Madi, into any type of training that could have hurt her in anyway.  She already had a rough start in life and we only want the best for her.  She is like a child to us and a major part of our family.  Thank you soooo much Terry for all of your help and great advice.
Madi sends some licks your way!

Debi, George, and Madi Flynn
North Reading, MA

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