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Suzie is an adorable Cocker-Poo and the love of our lives. The problem was, she is so adorable that we let her run our house. The worst thing of all was the barking. She would bark at everyone, everything, and all the time. Nothing would stop her. Guests were uncomfortable when they came to our home, because she would cling to me and continuously bark throughout their visit.

Then one day, a friend of ours, who is also our dentist, told us about one of his patients who was a dog trainer. He mentioned that she was using a new training technique, and that it had been proven very successful. I took her number, put it in my pocket, and then forgot about it.

Several months later and desperate, I finally scheduled an appointment: that was the best thing I ever did! By the end of our first lesson, Suzie wasn’t frantic anymore! My husband and I could hardly believe it!

Within several weeks, she was off of her leash, quietly heeling by my side even in the presence of other dogs, which would have never been possible. We always loved Suzie, but never realized what a real pleasure she could be. Our friends and family can’t believe she’s the same dog. Before we started the training, she would cling to me and shake whenever we went outside. Now she looks forward to going out, playing with the other dogs, and meeting new people.

Flossie Flett,
Waltham, MA

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