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Doulames Manchester Terrier Rocky

My Manchester terrier, Rocky, used to be a very difficult dog.  What started out as separation anxiety gradually became a case of severe aggression. 

I live in the middle of Boston where I am constantly surrounded by people and other dogs.  It got to the point where I could not leave my apartment with Rocky, because he would, without provocation, lunge and attempt to attack anything in his path (people, animals, etc.). 

My landlord wanted to kick me out, I was threatened by fellow tenants, and another trainer told me I would have to put him down.  As a last ditch effort, I contacted Terry.

With only 3 lessons, Rocky has improved so dramatically, that I have had people tell me that they cannot believe he is the same dog!  He listens to me 100% of the time, and is no longer aggressive towards people or other dogs.  I’m now able to take him everywhere with me because of his new behavior; road trips, family gatherings, off-leash walks, friends' homes… it's beyond amazing!  Now instead of being banished to the crate or stuck in the house, he is truly part of the family, and has become the companion I had always hoped for in a dog.

Thank you so much!

Rebecca Doulames
Boston, MA

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