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When I first told my husband about remote-collar training, he was very skeptical about both the collar and the expense, and he wondered if we would ever really see results. Molly was skittish and timid when we first got her as a stray from Tennessee, and even after a year her behavior had not changed. She would escape from our house at every opportunity, and I constantly lived in fear that she would somehow get away and we'd never see her again. But now that's all in the past...

I'd be the first to admit that in the beginning, I was not the perfect owner. I was inconsistent with her training; and certainly not firm enough, but Terry didn't give up on us. It wasn't until one day in particular that I really became a believer... It was a day that I took my young son and his friend for a walk, and decided to take Molly along.

The kids were busy tossing stones into a pond that we'd passed along the way; and, although most of my attention was on the kids, I always knew that Molly was very close by. We walked for about an hour, and all the while Molly was running ahead of us, immediately dropping back each time she was called. When I returned home and saw the remote collar on the kitchen counter, I suddenly realized how trustworthy she'd become. I had dutifully carried the remote in my hand for the entire walk, but in my haste to get out the door had completely forgotten to put her collar on! Molly was so attentive and responsive to all of my commands that I never noticed that she was not wearing it! Now, while she will always be a little bit shy, she has far more confidence than she ever had before. She now is playful around the house, which she never was before, and while the kids enjoy playing with her in the yard, I no longer fear her running away and getting lost.

We had thought about the Invisible Fence in the past, but now realize that it would have only served one purpose; to keep her in the yard. Whereas remote-collar training has changed so many of her behaviors, and the best thing is that the training works everywhere she goes! As a matter of fact, one of her favorite things is running on the beach at our summer house on the Cape. We never worry, because we feel secure knowing she'll listen and respond to all of our commands.

Finally, after years of having poorly-trained dogs, it is such a pleasure to enjoy a well-trained dog like Molly. My husband now agrees that she is a great dog for our family as a result of the training. She is such a joy to be around, and I totally credit this to Terry Christie and Canine Magic!

Maureen DiBernardi
Arlington, MA

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