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When I first started training with Terry, I wasn't sure if it was the right training for my situation. We had adopted a 2 year old Bichon Frise that never had any kind of training and was basically out of control ... biting when you tried to take something away from her and never listening to anyone.

When we started using the e-collar, Penny rebelled by going to sleep and not wanting to do anything. I felt sorry for her, so I stopped the training and she became even more aggressive. But I listened to Terry when she told me to continue using the collar full-time for a couple of days. Sure enough, once Penny realized that I was in charge, she made a complete turnaround. Now, she comes immediately when called and responds to the 'off' command when she is getting into something that she shouldn't.

We were truly at the point where we didn't think she was trainable, but this training method allowed her to stay with us, and we see more and more progress everyday. We love her so much and she is responding to that love in return, thanks to Canine Magic. Everyone in my family is so much happier!

Wendi Dellemonico
Burlington, MA
(Shown with her Portuguese Water Dog, Kody)

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