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In the winter of last year, we had our hands full with three dogs: Jada, a 2 year-old Boxer; Scout, a one-year old Pit bull mix; and, Sheamus, a 10 month-old American Pit bull Terrier. Jada was afraid to walk on the street, and was frightened by cars and trucks. Scout loved everyone so much that he would jump on every visitor to our home. But Shea, he was the complicated one…

At about eight months of age, he had become extremely dog aggressive, despite our past efforts of daily socialization beginning at the age of six weeks. It was bad enough when it happened with strange dogs, but now it was happening in our own home. We could handle his not getting along with other dogs, but he had to get along with his siblings… our pack. He was not only dog aggressive, but dominant and filled with anxiety. We needed help, and we needed it fast; especially because we had a baby on the way.

We searched the web specifically to find a trainer who had experience with American Pit Bull Terriers, but we also wanted someone who loved this misunderstood breed as much as we did. That’s when we found our “Dog Whisperer”, Terry Christie! We knew it was going to be a perfect fit when we met Terry’s dog, Daisy Mae, and then we read her story. The first day Shea met Terry and her gang, HE WAS NOT HAPPY. He was in what some trainers would refer to as “THE RED ZONE”!

But to our amazement, after only three private lessons, we were able to control Shea around other dogs! I cried the first day we were able to walk by Cobey, Terry’s big, male Doberman, without a negative reaction. Believe me, Shea was still a work in progress, but we could see he had it in him to be a good pup. Sadly, Shea’s life was cut short, when he was hit by a car.

But we continued our work with Scout and began working with Jada, our Boxer. With Terry’s help, Jada and Scout have become much happier dogs. To our continued amazement, Jada isn’t afraid of walking on the street anymore! In fact, I have been stopped by people commenting on my well-behaved dogs while walking with Jada, Scout, and the baby carriage! The “old” Jada would have NEVER walked next to a carriage! Scout has always been good on a leash, but again with Terry’s help, people can now stop and pet my dogs as Jada and Scout will both go into a quiet sit. The “old” Scout would have jumped all over them! Scout has also learned to ignore other dogs as we walk, even if they are on the same side of the street. I often have to tell the other owners how to introduce the dogs properly. Most people just let their dog go right up to my dogs. Jada is OK with that, but Scout is a more selective with regard to whom he’d like to meet.

We still work with our dogs daily, and remain consistent with the training. We will forever be in debt to Terry and her pack for the dedication and love she has given our family. Without her knowledge and expertise, our home would not be the peaceful place that it is today.

The Cunningham Family
Framingham, MA

In Memory of Sheamus

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