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Honey was a rescue, and I adopted her when she was about a year- old.  She had been neglected and most likely abused, and she was very nervous around men. Over time, she did become more comfortable, and as she became more comfortable, she was even able to visit a hospital as a therapy dog.

She always behaved relatively well, and got along with other dogs.  As time passed, she became increasingly anxious, afraid of thunder, and began barking at other dogs when going on walks.  We tried other training which helped us identify that her barking was fear based, and we worked on being more confident, but it never seemed to be enough.  Eventually, walking her became a very unpleasant event.  We really wanted her to get out more, but weren’t sure exactly how, then we heard about Canine Magic…

We were very hesitant about using the remote collar, and at first, I think it bothered me more than it did Honey.  After the semi-private lessons with Terry, consistency with the training at home, combined with the large group training classes, we learned to use the collar only as a tool to help us keep her focused.

Honey is now 9 years old, and walking her is no longer stressful.  When on her leash, her interactions with other dogs have improved tremendously, and we now feel more confident.  As a matter of fact, Honey now gets excited when it’s time to put her collar on because she knows it means she’s going somewhere!  Thank you Terry!

Cheryl, Jay, and Honey 
Chelmsford, MA
April 2011

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