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Doulames Manchester Terrier Rocky

When I first looked into Canine Magic Dog Training, I had a one year-old Bull Mastiff who at the time weighed 120 pounds and I was pregnant with my third child.  This was my last hope of keeping him, because he not only had selective hearing, but he also pulled on a leash.  He was just a big goof in his own space.  I was losing the ability to spend time with him because it was winter, and the ground was full of snow and ice, and being pregnant, I had a fear of falling.  But then my luck changed when I met Terry.

I actually first met her by chance at the vet’s office when we just both happened to be there for appointments.  While we were waiting, I couldn’t help but notice how well-behaved her two large dogs were.  When we spoke and she told me she was a trainer, I set up an appointment to see if this would work for me. 

Terry came to my house and showed me how the remote-training worked.  From the first moment she put the collar on Peanut, he was a whole new dog! 

Now I’m at the point where he is off-leash all the time, because he always stays with me. He now has the freedom to play with other dogs, and his recall is amazing!  I have been using this method of training for the last two years now, and I still love it!  I am so impressed, that I tell every new puppy owner that I meet, to start training from the start with this method.  I wish I had!

Terry is a great training resource, and I know I will continue to use Canine Magic for any future puppies or dogs that come into my life.

Michelle Cooke
Billerica, MA

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