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We had tried traditional dog training, but we just weren't getting the results that we wanted. We knew we had to take a different approach and started researching trainers who would be able to help us. That is when we found Terry…

Let me first say what an amazing and down to earth person Terry is.  She has taught us so much about our relationship with our dog, and the many ways we could make it better.  She teaches training for the real world, and her training program is amazing. We started off with 3 semi-private training classes, and are now attending the group sessions, on Saturday mornings. The results have been amazing!

During the group sessions everyone is able to test their training progress, but around other dogs, and multiple distractions. We are finally able to have the relationship we always wanted with our dog and he is much happier as a result.  He went from being very timid and unsure, to a confident, happy dog, and we owe that to Terry and her ability to teach us what to do.   We have more confidence in him and he has more confidence in us too.  We had made more progress with Terry in the first three weeks, than we have with traditional training over the last few years.

We would highly recommend Terry for anyone looking for a different type of training that actually gets results and teaches you to be ready for real world scenarios.

Lexy, Romy & Max
Wayland, MA

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