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Over the years, I have worked my dogs with traditional trainers, clicker trainers, and other remote-collar trainers, but nothing I have ever done compares to the ease and speed of the training method used by Canine Magic.

There are no leash corrections, nor are there "click and treat" food hounds searching every stranger for a free lunch. No "escape training", where the trainer applies electrical stimulation until the dog performs a previously learned behavior. No half-trained dogs, who will perform only as long as there is nothing more interesting or exciting over the horizon.

Instead, Terry teaches a whole new way of positive communication supported by "micro-taps" of low levels of stimulation that help teach new behaviors, instead of reinforcing old ones.

When I put the remote-collar on my dog, her tail comes up and she is ready to "rock and roll', because she knows that we are going out to have fun! Terry's classes are individualized, focused, and fun for both dog and trainer.

Terry Bell
Arlington, MA

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