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Before I bought my Great Dane "Jesse James", my family and I went and observed a Canine Magic training class. When Terry rolled a squeaky ball through a circle of dogs in a down position, I thought this is going to be a disaster. But when not one dog got up to chase the ball, I was so impressed, that I knew immediately that this was going to be the method of training for us. Knowing that my little puppy would one day be a 155lb dog, I needed to make sure he was properly trained.

When Jesse was 4 months old, we began training with Terry, and I could not believe the immediate results. At 4 months old, he was heeling as if it were natural. One thing you will learn from any trainer or book are that corrections need to be immediate, because dogs live in the moment. With the e-collar, I can correct him from another room if need be. This way, he knows exactly what behavior is not acceptable.

I was told by family and friends that I was crazy because the training was a little expensive. Now when they visit my home and I tell Jesse "place" and he runs to his crate and lies down, they say WOW! I have two other dogs and have been through the 8 week obedience training with pinch and choke collars with little success. You don't own a dog for 8 weeks, you own him for a lifetime.

What I like best about Canine Magic is that the training is for the lifetime of the dog. Also, my entire family participates in his training, including my 12 year old son. Most obedience places would not allow him to participate. This was very important to me because the dog needs to obey him the same as an adult.

I am proud to say, thanks to Terry and the E-Collar; I have NO behavior issues to report because we started with the proper training from the beginning. Jesse has never jumped on anyone, pulled me on a walk, or been aggressive with people or any other dog.

When we are in public, everyone is so impressed with his size they want to come over and pet him. We do an exercise in class called "meet and greet" which has taught Jesse proper behavior and to be comfortable when approached by people. This is invaluable to me because one goal I have for Jesse is him to one day become a Canine therapy dog that can visit nursing homes or sick children and brighten their day as much as he brightens ours every day.

I am so happy that I have chosen this method of training for Jesse. He will be one year old in two weeks and the e-collar has made our puppy year an enjoyable one. I get complimented everywhere we go on how well behaved he is. If you are the least bit skeptical about the training, I urge you to come and see for yourself. I guarantee you, you'll be impressed!

We can't thank you enough. I enjoy classes so much. I have met such wonderful people (including you!) and just love meeting dog lovers!

Donna Ballota
Billerica, MA

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