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I just wanted to let you know how the training was going... I LOVE IT!

The girls are behaving like jewels (maybe that will be their new middle names), and Lilly, the Doberman, has given me no problems at all. Jasmine, our Border Collie/Lab mix, is a bit more stubborn, and the collar has stopped her from jumping into the pond and chasing the ducks when I'm trying to leave and go somewhere, or at some other inconvenient time. They both now come when called, and for the first time I'm not standing outside just getting frustrated. We actually have a much better relationship now!

Today will be Lilly's first venture outside the yard on a running track, and I just know she'll do well. I am looking forward to learning more and all the things I will be able to train them to do!

Thank you so much Terry, you are awesome!

Yesterday, Jasmine jumped in our pond (I actually thought she was still in our backyard until I heard our other dog barking) and had grabbed one of our ducks. While still holding it in her mouth, she took off across the ice and it suddenly cracked out from under her and she fell into the water. She was so shocked by this that she began to panic. She didn't know how to react. Thank you for this collar, because with it I was able to get her attention and keep her focused and moving toward me, but with every attempt, the ice kept breaking around her. I was finally able to keep her moving towards me enough to get her out. I am convinced that it helped to save her life, the duck, and kept me from trying to go out onto the pond. Whoooa!! AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!

Kris Askin
Louisville, KY

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