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When I sought training services for my Bichon puppy, I had already attended clicker / treat training classes with little success, and I was frustrated at the lack of progress we had made. Sheyn still refused to go down the three steps on my deck leading to the yard, so we had to fashion a ramp from an old diving board, and it wasn't very attractive.

Another issue was that every time I rose from my chair or called out to him, he'd run and hide under the coffee table, just out of my reach. He had his own agenda, and I wasn't on it. At this point, I was at my wit's end. The "final straw" came when I found myself crawling around the floor at 1 AM trying to lure him from under the table in order to put him into his crate so that I could get some sleep.

When I voiced my complaints to my son, he told me about his patient who was a dog trainer and who routinely brings her dogs into his dental office. My son, a seasoned dog owner himself, told me that he had never seen such well-behaved animals. He suggested that I give her a call. So the next day I called.

During our first lesson, and in less than an hour, Sheyn was happily running up and down the steps to the deck without using the ramp. I couldn't believe it! Nothing we had tried in the past had worked, and as far as I was concerned, she had accomplished the impossible! That was enough to sell me on this method of training.

In the two months that we have been training with Terry, Sheyn heels both on and off-leash, sits immediately when I stop walking, and comes every time he's called. He also knows the commands "sit, down, and off", and goes immediately into his crate or lies down on his mat when given the command.

I am very excited that after many years of dog ownership, this is the first time I have lived without gates barring my pet from off-limit areas. Sheyn knows that he cannot enter certain rooms and immediately stops at the entrance. All this and he's only eight months old!

Sheyn loves everyone both children and adults, and enjoys the opportunity of meeting new people and playing with other dogs of all sizes. Training with Terry has been a positive, enjoyable relationship.

Terry Christie is really performing "Canine Magic."

Eileen Asarkof
Bedford, MA

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